“For 15+ years I've worked with Arnie on a variety of projects - training, sales/marketing, education. He brings a creative slat to all projects, pushing the envelope to give each video a unique style – avoiding the “cookie cutter” approach. This includes transforming dull technical content into interesting and entertaining programs. As a producer, it is critical that my media files be organized in a manner that changes can be made several years after the project is completed. Arnie’s system for this is extraordinary – so that any editor can quickly access all media files. His interpersonal skills make working in the edit suite a pleasure, for both the producer - and the clients.

Terry Primack- Boston Medical Communications

“There's no better partner in an editing room than Arnie. He's fast, creative, and a joy to work with. Anything I've imagined as a writer/producer, he's been able to improve.                       Arnie is first-class!”

Toby A. Smith - Toby A. Smith Media

“Arnie has consistently done an amazing job editing TV segments and promos for Between the Lions, a PBS KIDS series. He works quickly and always delivers on time. He listens to what you're aiming for and brings much more to the final result. He has a great sense of pacing, timing, and narrative flow. He's also wonderfully delightful to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again.”

Beth Kirsch - WGBH Childrens Programming

“Arnie is a dedicated editor committed to getting the job done well regardless of the time required. He is interested in the latest technologies and is constantly improving upon his skillset.  Arnie's portfolio speaks for itself. I highly recommend Arnie for any editor position he pursues.”

Nathan Gunner - WGBH/NOVA

“I've known Arnie for almost 20 years and I got to work with him on one season of Zoom. His creativity in crafting the look and feel of both Zoom and Fetch! was a big factor in making the shows so popular.  Behind the scenes, Arnie shepherded the shows from the day the shooting stopped to the airdate, covering all aspects of post-production including promos, audio mixing and dealing with PBS. He was an invaluable member of that team and I very much enjoyed working for him.”

Shady Hartshorne - Video Editor/WGBH

“As President of the Boston Avid Users Group, Arnie proved to be a great leader. His years of editorial experience were a great asset when organizing events and presentations. I’m proud to call him a friend and colleague and am confident in recommending him for any type of editorial work.”

Kenton VanNatten - President Boston Avid Users Group

“Arnie was very helpful when I co-wrote a book, The Digital Producer, by providing useful information on how editors and producers could productively work together. He is a terrific Avid editor who knows how to build relationships with colleagues and clients.”

Ellen Feldman - Program Manager/Avid Technology

“I worked with Arnie on the first four seasons of Fetch!, which is a particularly challenging series to edit since it combines docu-reality footage with animation. When the series first began, Arnie created an entertaining and fast-paced way to communicate the show's scientific content while keeping the story moving. This underscores his main talent: story telling. Arnie has the rare ability to watch hours of footage and quickly recognize the key moments and scenes that are essential to the story, and then get that story to 26 minutes. Working with music is another one of Arnie's strengths; his ability to swiftly identify music that best serves the heart of the show is obvious in every one of Fetch's 100 episodes. Arnie, who also serves as President of the Boston Avid Users Group, has tremendous knowledge and command of the latest editing software and equipment, as well as the ability to easily communicate with the technical staff of WGBH and Rule. Arnie is an exceptionally likable and thoughtful person. I enjoyed working with him, and I enthusiastically recommend him for any and all editing jobs.”

John Warren - Video Editor/WGBH

“I had the pleasure to work with Arnie on the board of the Boston Avid Users Group.

Arnie is proactive, organized and a very hard worker which is even more impressive when doing volunteer work on a user group board. I have also had the opportunity to see Arnie's video work and the professionalism and passion shows in his creative work as well.”

James Burke - Owner, mBlaze Multimedia Design, Inc.